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Dock Shelters

10’0”W X 10’0” H OPENINGS

Generally designed for but not limited to 10’ wide x 10’ high openings. The series D600 is ideal for tailgate or standard trailers. The design of this unit allows the trailer to pass through the side and top curtains allowing full unrestricted access to the rear of the trailer when loading and unloading.

With no mechanical or adjustable parts, this unit is designed to prevent many of the problems that arise from conventional seals and shelters. With foam side frames and removable side curtains, this unit is ideal for virtually every application.

SAVE hundreds of dollars in reduced energy costs

IMPROVE working conditions by keeping dust, dirt, debris & insects out

PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by providing a safe & comfortable working environment

DURABLE range of Hi-Performance fabrics to choose from

CUSTOM sizes available



Call 1-866-864-5265

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